In Person Markets and Events


2020: The Year of WTF...and thensome

After an exhausting 2019 Holiday Market Season, my 2020 plan was already in place to do fewer in-person markets and start an online store. Now due to the current global health crisis, we are even more committed to staying home and building an online presence while creating new work for you all.   

Also, my PSO (permanent significant other), Michael C. Hayes who is an incredible artist (speaking objectively of course!) derives the majority of his income from selling his work at conventions and art shows. With those types events being cancelled or postponed for the coming months, his work will be available here as well.

We deeply appreciate your support during these unwelcome and unpredictable times. It means the world to's how we will survive as small business owners and creatives.

Take care of yourselves, and one another.
With love and thanks,
Sassy Little Be